Welcome to DodgingBarrels.com!

Hi, My name is Nate and I’m a game addict… or gameholic? I don’t know what you call it but I know I spend way too much time and money on this shit. And I spend a lot time thinking about games too.

That’s where dodgingbarrels.com comes in.

Games are no longer the fringe diversion of a few loyal hobbyists. They’re a booming cultural and monetary force, grown generations in a few decades, right in sync with the technological boom of the early twenty first century. They’ve become a complicated art form with sophisticated storytelling, art and coding jamming itself together to make a cohesive (sometimes) piece of media. In my opinion, that makes them ripe to be SHIT ALL OVER!!!!!! (Translation: looked at critically and intelligently).

Hopefully you read what I have to say and it’ll make you think or laugh. Comments appreciated. Now time to bust a bottle of champagne on this bitch and send it on its maiden voyage.

Bon voyage, dodgingbarrels.com

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