If You Buy a Hard Copy of a Game- You Shouldn’t Have to Download It, Too

Last week I bought State of Decay. And, no, I didn’t click on an icon in the Xbox Store, I mean I literally BOUGHT the fucking thing. I had an afternoon to kill and was looking for something to play. Walking around a games store, I saw State of Decay on a DISK! I was so excited. “I can play this now,” I said. “No waiting for downloads,” I added. That’s what comes on Xbox One disks, right? Games?


The disk is a lie! What you’re really buying is a download and a shiny coaster with a hole in the middle of it. Imagine my surprise when I slid in the game and saw that WONDERFUL download meter displaying a nice fat “0%”. The hard copy couldn’t give me 10%? Like I went to a store and got the fucking game, I should be rewarded for making the scary venture off my couch.

Take a look at this box:


OH! “Includes Fully Remastered Game in 1080-” fuck no it doesn’t! Includes nothing! And the lies don’t stop there- check this out:


Oh a disk!! Oh it’s “next gen” because it’s on the left side instead of the right! Oh way to break boundaries Microsoft- way to bring us into the FUTURE! But it doesn’t touch the most radical way you’re letting us know it’s next-gen: making the disk USELESS! Thanks to my internet chugging along like an old steam engine, I waited six hours to play your game! Totally defeating the purpose of me buying in store!

But there is at least someone fighting the good fight against this: Playstation. I also bought Bloodborne and while there was still a download of over 300 MBs- at least I could just skip it and get right into the game which was on the disk. Microsoft should take notes because about every XB game I’ve brought home from a store can only be played the next day. Not fun- fucking lame.

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