I Made Dan See “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”: A Photo Journal

My thoughts on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will be up in a bit but, before we get into the nitty gritty of that giant waste of time, I’d like to share with you a man’s journey. A DAN’S journey. It’s a journey filled with trials and tribulations; It’s a journey filled with pain and suffering. It was a journey he didn’t want to go on… but, in the end, he just might have learned something along the way.

I made Dan see this toilet bowl of a film and here’s what happened, in pictures:

Dan awaits the train that will take us to Resident Evil: The Final Chapter!
Dan excitedly rides the train to the theater that is playing Resident Evil: The Final Chapter!
Gotta be sure you’ve got all the ‘right stuff’ to enjoy Resident Evil: The Final Chapter properly, aye Dan?
It’s the cinema! A magical place where audiences’ dreams come true! Dan enters to see Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.
Slow down, Dan! Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is just beginning!
After the movie: Another satisfied Resident Evil: The Final Chapter customer!
That’s a long four story walk to the relative sanctuary of your apartment Dan! Don’t worry, your memories of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will keep you company!



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