Wii U Week: The Wii U Had Exclusive RPGs (gif proof)

Welcome to Wii U week, where Dan and Nate wax poetic about their favorite failure of a console.

From 1985 to 1996 Nintendo reigned over 3rd party RPGs from the grey, plastic thrones of the NES and SNES. Titles like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest (and Warrior), Secret of Mana, Breath of Fire, 7th Saga (remember?), Legacy of the Wizard (remember? remember??), and, uh, Deadly Towers (???????) all provided young noids (nerds in a Brooklyn accent) like myself with all of the sword-swinging and spell-slinging our little hearts could take. And then Nintendo was like “N64!” and makers of great RPGs like SquareSoft, Enix, and Capcom were all “Cartridges!? Fuck that!” and Sony stepped in to scoop up the business with robber baron-like efficiency. As a young dragon slayer AND Nintendo fan, I was torn. The N64 had some great adventure games (like Zelda), but RPGs, it did not. I mean Quest 64!? I was so excited when I heard about Quest 64! When I popped it in I was so fucking pissed!!! (Never forget.) The trend only continued, and Nintendo often has fought to get good 3rd party RPGs on their systems, RPG exclusives being as rare as unicorns.

The Wii U benefited from the indie boom and a wide selection of VC titles. With games like Mass Effect 3 and Child of Light, there was a good amount on there for an RPG fan to get their fix. But the Wii U also boasted at least FOUR exclusive RPGs! Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof in gifs!

Xenoblade Chronicles X

This was a pretty good game but after thirty or so hours, I just couldn’t take the menus and dying anymore. It was def pretty, even by Wii U standards.

XC 1.gif
Wow look at my Nightwing looking mutha-fucka run in an open world. Yea, it’s open. Pretty RPG-y.
XC 2.gif
Wow that UI sure is complicated and confusing, huh? Can’t have an RPG without confusing menus.
Day AND night? You betcha! Come on now, it’s an RPG–It’s on the Wii U!

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

I’m a huge fan of the Shin Megami Tensei series, and this totally scratched that itch! A good RPG in its own right.

FE 1.gif
Wow is that a battle intro animation!? We got an RPG, folks!


FE 2.gif
Choose your strategy in this turn based offering. Oh my, much RPG.
FE 3.gif
The mic drop: end of battle celebration/exp/loot.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

This game did not come out on the 3ds… Also, this is a gif… not a still image.

Uh… Lost Reavers?

Look don’t look to hard into this okay? I did my best.



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